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December 03, 2006


Sandra C

The new "Empress Woo" fabric is gorgeous! I wondered - it is hard to imagine the fabrics in a quilt with just the little swatch on the computer screen. Do you suppose someone there could come up with suggested block designs that the fabric might look nice with?


SO glad you enjoyed your package, I'm actually quite excited that it was mauled by customs, tehe, weird as that sounds, but they have never opened anything I've sent to my knowledge! =P How polite to only cut slits in the pressies, Aussie customs totally unwrap everything, scrunch up the paper and chuck everything back in with the paper on top, not polite! =P

Oh, and I so didn't get a Blythe...you KNOW you would know about that, LOL. It's recycled from avi who sent me a package and certainly does have a Blythe, hehe.

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