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January 28, 2007



WHOA! Now THIS is the post I have been waiting for...and I know mum has too! Your warehouse is just amazing, imagine the mischief I could get up to in there! =P

I just love seeing a peek into your world, so lovely =)

Psst...you gals are the best fabric folders of any of the places I have ever ordered fabric from *nod* VERY pretty orders. =)


Thanks for sharing - it is so much fun to see where so much of my stash came from!


Wow, it all looks so orderly. And it sounds like you've got your system down to a fine art. Thanks for posting this, it's very interesting.

Karen Hallman

Wow, I don't think I have ever seen so much fabric in one place. It is like a library. You obviously have an excellent system in place to get our orders out so fast. I agree the folding is done so lovingly. Do you order in more than one bolt of a particular fabric? It is hard to tell from the photos. It is so interesting to see where our orders are processed.
Thanks for sharing, Mehgan.


I think I've located heaven on earth! Wonderful to see where my lovely packages come from.


Well I loved the tour! I would be in heaven with all those bolts!


Thanks for the back room peek - really interesting to know you store the fabric with the bold ends out. Is it less tempting this way as well as being quicker to fine the fabric? (vbg)

Becky (Ambrosia Couture)

Wow! Looks like you guys have an amazing system! Thanks so much for taking the time to share that!


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