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January 21, 2007



I thought this post was going to be about our shared love of ironing projects! =P But I've got to say, great job because DYSON'S ROCK! You're going to love it, they are amazing.


I laughed when I read your post. I so agree with your comment about Home Shows - they're a waste of time.

And as dear daughter Meshell said, Dysons are wonderful vacuum cleaners. I've got the purple/aqua one - it's brilliant. I should know as I use it regularly, but I'm not sure how Meshell knows (Dy is now ducking) :-))


I KNEW you were going to make some rude comment like that...that's why I'm waiting here for you so that I can defend myself and say that I vacuum ALL THE TIME! =P

We shall now take our family feud away from Meghan's comment box =P

Carol Gehman

I feel I must weigh in on this one...Dy I laughed right out loud at the interaction between you and miss meshell. It sounds just like Meghan and I. I'd love to hear your take on the love of ironing....

Nina Wyatt

I love this vacuume story...I ended up doing the same thing just this past monday while we were out looking at a new knife for the kitchen. It is a happy b-day to me! (1-24) I too was saving up for a special treasure after selling a quilt last spring. I am so excited over this Dyson, maybe I need more estregen, but I love it !!!! My husband is also impressed with this machine and..... he even is using it, in the house !!! It does'nt get any better than that. :>
(never did get the knife, decided the purple dyson was more fun than cooking)
Nina Wyatt
Rough & Ready,Ca.


If I vacuumed, I would have to say, buying a new vacuum cleaner is a good thing. However, I DID buy a new "used" vacuum cleaner! I love gadgets and motors and of course, anything that has to do with sewing. So, gadget person would be drawn to something that plugs in and goes VAROOOOOOOM!!!

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