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January 06, 2007



Oh - I hope your headache goes away quickly! I was confined to bed all day yesterday suffering from Montezuma's revenge - and end up missing out on your drawing - Rats! Oh well . . . I hope you've had more visitors to the shop and your blog since I wrote an entry on my blog a couple days ago encouraging people to visit you. The more people visit, the more you sell, and the more money you make which will enable you to order more of the delicious fabrics we love!!! I did drag myself out of my sick bed long anough to order a piece of each fabric in the Hattiesburg line - can't wait for it to come!


Oh thank you again so much Meghan! A fabulous surprise that I was NOT expecting, and on my Birthday no less! How wonderful, I can't wait =) Freshcut is so amazing, can't wait to see it in the flesh! lol.

You poor thing with a headache, I feel your pain, I had a migraine yesterday as was in bed almost all day, they are awful aren't they!


Thank you, thank you for the delightful ornament. I was intrigued with the packaging and then surprised to find the beautiful ornament. I was happy to receive it but even happier when I read your blog about it being a thank you gift for your top customers. Fabric is my passion and I love receiving packages of it on my doorstep. It's like getting it twice, once when you order and once when it arrives :-)

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