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January 10, 2007



Oh Meghan - you must not have discovered the world of crumbs and scraps by Bonnie from Quiltville. Look through her blog:
and her website for all kinds of scrap storing and use ideas....

Patti Chartrand

I see someone has already told you about Bonnie's marvelous website. Even before Bonnie I saved almost everything. As you well know I'm obsessed with fabric and can't help buying new things even though I have lots and lots already. I save anything 1" square and bigger. Strings too. Making string blocks and crumb blocks are so addicting! I have lots of plastic boxes of various sizes that are all labeled. They contain strings, crumbs, squares, triangles, triangle squares, bricks and strips. All totalled I have at least 20 of these. Shoe box size for the small pieces up to large boxes for the strips and large squares. This summer I made a queen size Broken Dishes out of almost 20 years of saved triangle squares in two sizes - 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" unfinished. It was so much fun! Playing with scraps is really more fun that playing with new yardage!


I have been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time I have posted. I found your blog as I order fabric from Z and S. Thank you for the wonderful little surprise in my last order. It is hanging in the kitchen where I see it often. It is good to see that someone else loves the scraps, too. I am afraid that I haven't gotten much done with them as of yet. I have a lot of ideas, but not enough time.


I love talk of scraps! I save all of mine and sort them by size (and in some cases light and dark) into stackable plastic boxes. I cut them into a range of strips and squares ready for use. Anything an inch or over is saved and I collect string type pieces too. I never throw any of it away - it can all be used in a quilt somewhere. All of these boxes stack nicely inside an old children's wardrobe (that is 2/3 my height) so it's all pretty organised.

I use the scraps to make quilts of course - mostly lap and large sized ones and for the past year I have played around with one of my favourite blocks - delectable mts and made a few.

I keep my reproduction scraps seperate because I like them in quilts on their own. With the smallest repro leftovers I have made a couple of nice miniatures - the larger scraps get used in current repro projects.

Love scraps! I even save small swatches from shops and use them for applique or 9 or 4 patches.....


I keep anything bigger than 3/4 inch wide. I cut the biggest strip I can from an off-cut. From 3/4 inch up to 4 1/2 inch I cut into strips and file in the appropriate labelled box. anything bigger I am now keeping filed by colour. I am trying to move into a more improvisational direction. so I have 2 filing systems for scraps. But like you I can't bear to throw anything away


Well...I can't believe you're a scrap hoarder (okay, I can =P) what with having whole bolts around you...those are what would be sneaked into my pockets (or not) if I worked in the store, LOL.

I don't actually have all that many scraps, they annoy me. My scraps fit into one shoebox, gasp! hehe. My fabrics that I have cut too much out of to be folded back up have been put onto those ring clasp things that you can fill with embroidery threads, you know the ones I mean? I've also seen people pin them to the walls which I think looks really great.

I just spent the last two days re-folding every piece of fabric in my shelves and all over the floor with new shelves for my newies (I'll have to make a special Freshcut place! =P) and today I went and got some clothes-worthy fabrics from thrift stores so that I can start having a play with some patchy clothes =)

Have a wonderful day off!


Speaking of scraps...I thought I was bad...but I now know I have a lot of cutting to do to catch up with you all. I would like to know what a crumb block is. I cut up my scraps right after I cut out my quilt pieces. I put them into plastic bags starting with 1" all the way up to 6." I have lots of scraps. I should not cut them up like that but save some for string quilts. I cannot bear to throw scraps away. I made pillows for my cats from the scraps smaller than 1." They wash easily but take a long time to dry. I really believe my love of fabric is an addiction!


How nice to see that this is a "common" disease! A friend of mine says she saves anything with a seam allowance. But for the pieces with not even that here is a way to use them : place the "confettis" between two special transparent foils (I don't know what they are called but they disolve in water). Then machine quilt over the whole thing to make a net, making sure to sew over all pieces. Disolve the result in cold water and let dry. If you went over everything it should hold together. You can also use some organza over a plain background fabric. This can be fun for ornaments.
So if you think you can throw something away, think again!

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