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January 16, 2007



Must buy fabric..... mmmmm civil war fabrics.... I have until Feb 1st to be a good girl.... will I make it? My husband promised me no buying until Feb 1st... It has been 2.5 months, only 1/2 month left.


Hehe, I spied the Amy B yesterday! =) So tempting =P Just wanted to let you know that all the gorgeous fabrics have now arrived, thank you SO MUCH, oh my, lovely, lovely! And you know the three others, eeeeeee! That is so cool (THANK YOU!), I saw them somewhere and couldn't decide between the pink/blue...so I chose a blue piece as I'm trying to expand my colours, LOL, and now you send me the lovely pinks too! *swoon* =) =)

I hope you're feeling better soon *passes some virtual tea (you can always use more) and tim tams* Although I find choccy tastes awful when you are sick =P


I too love material but I do not save small scraps, I give them to my oldest daughter, who is also a quilter. She works small and I make bed quilts. I mostly save strips now. I made five quilts for people who were displaced in New Orleans. All the tops were from my strips that I had saved.


I was inspired by a program at our guild by Teajuana Mahone (www.teaquilts.com) to cut my scraps into squares as I go. I have 3", 2 1/2", 2" and 1 1/2" squares accumulating in boxes. So far I've used them to make corner posts for sashing. My rule of thumb now is if it's too small for a 1 1/2" square, it's trash. Fabric aquisition is my favorite thing and once aquired, sometimes it's hard to part with for a quilting project! lol :-}

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