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March 16, 2007



Oh my goodness, I am so jealous! hehe =) Your sleepover sounds like a heap of fun, I laughed out loud about not needing a timer yet, that's something mum and I would do =P And cookies, yum! I absolutely LOVE the pic of the quilting of the gorgeous pink quilt in the frame, I can only imagine hand quilting an entire quilt =P

Have a good one and thanks for sharing your jello fabric with me! =P Hope your curtains are going well and you don't run out with a half yard gap in there *tehe* xx


Wow. I cannot imagine the hand cramps that might be part of this process. Looks exhausting!


Hey - how did you get my machine? Thats my first sewing machine...of course mine is in the closet. At that time I did not KNOW you had to OIL machines and have maintenance done on them. So I smoked that machine years ago - ever seen flames coming out of a machine? Yep they did. Had it serviced and the machine still kept going for years but it finally gave up the ghost a few years ago.
I like the sounds of the girls night but not that snow. I have gotten too used to WARMTH (ok - intense HEAT).


just stopping by to see if there were any updates on the quilts! hope all is well! xo!


I just had to come back and tell everyone how GORGEOUS the bag is that Meghan gave away! I feel like the luckiest gal of Spring!

Now that the snow is finally gone (except for the big, black, ugly heap in the Walmart parking lot) I've got spring fever big time!


Your sleepover sounds like FUN! I'm sure others have already told you, but don't worry about your stitches. They will get smaller with practice. A little more slack on the frame might help and make sure you are using a small needle (I like #12s myself!). The quilt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Are those your girls? Daughters I mean? They look so serene sitting there quilting together. I must get me a big ol' frame like that. Beautiful quilt.

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