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March 11, 2007



I think the bag is wonderful. Is that Amy Butler fabric?
I think I have a kind of bag fetish because every time I see a new pattern I want to make a bag from it. How many bags can one person use???


Cute bag!!


LOVE that bag! And what a great mix of fabrics!

I KNOW I have a bag fetish! I think my as-yet undeclared goal this year is to have a different bag for every outfit...


Ooh la la, what yummy fabrics and a neat bag. I agree with you, magnets and computers don't go together. I always wonder about those magnetic badges and computerised sewing machines.


that was magnetic NAME badges, by the way.


Love those JELLO prints ^_^, I hope to see your kitchen curtains if you decide to do them.
The bag is LOVELY!! you did a great job, no need to be shy :)about your skills.

ohh and to answer your question about the JELLO, every time I want to remove the mold with no hassle, I place it in a
container filled in half with warm water, it only takes a second or two to loose up the JELLO, then you just turne out the mold ans you're done!


Ok now you've made me want to go eat some jello. Actually my son has been sick so this might be the perfect time to go make some.

Pretty cute bag, there seems to be a lot of the 70's prints showing up lately.


Now I've seen everything -- Jello fabric! Oh my! It is terribly cute...

And the bag is darling, too...


Love that bag! :D I'm still trying to win my 'first ever' prize! LOL


You've inspired me!! I haven't wanted to branch into sewing bags because I don't enjoying sewing clothing but the bags look like fun!! And there are so many wonderful fabrics that would be perfect :-} Of course those are the fabrics I don't yet have so....I must shop!


Beautiful fabrics and lovely bag! *crosses fingers* Hoping to win!


Love the bag!!!

Your blog is always a great source of inspiration.


Hard to say which is cuter, the bag or the jello fabric. Us Lutherans think jello is one of the basic food groups . . . .


I love seeing how the quilt fabrics look on a bag. Great job! Wonderful mixture of fabrics...the big print mixed with polka dots and stripes is fun.


Oooh, I love the bag! I have to enter! :)

The Jell-o prints are adorable. I'm not sure if I'd do the walls in yellow or green to match, though...of course, if I'm going really retro I'd do the walls in the green and the cabinets in that light, sunshiny yellow! Uh, oh--I think the remodeling bug is about to hit me!

Rebekah Kaberry

Good job on your bag project! It is SO cute! When I am making Jello (we call it Jelly down under) to go in a mold, I only use 3/4 of the water it says to add. It makes it firmer, the same as adding more gelatine I guess. Then like the other lady said, a pan of warm water for a few secs! Great blog!

Karen Hallman

Oh my! I had a set of those jelly molds, too. I think I got rid of them when we moved 2 1/2 years ago. They were always a challenge to get the jello out of them even when dipping them in warm water. I wonder if spraying them with oil spray before adding the jello would help but not too much. Nobody wants oily jello.
The bag is lovely and what fun it would be to win those fat quarters.
Karen, on a wet dreary day in Ontario.


Yes I read the whole email from Zooks, always happy to read those emails!!!!
the jello fabric is so fun, perfect for kitchen curtains.
I LOVE The bag you made and that fabric is just beautiful, yes I would use the bag and well of course I would use those fabrics too!

Barb Attard

love the bag! Please enter me in your draw.


Really cute bag! I checked out the pattern and see that the bag is "big enough to hold file folders and notebooks." What are the approximate measurements of the bag?


Lovin' Amy Butler's new collection... hope I win that rockin' bag!!

Karen Stir

I love the bag! It looks so springy, just what is needed after this cold snowy winter!


what a lovely bag, also your blog is very intressding.... thanks for sharing.

Patty Skypants

The bag is wonderful! Your blog is also wonderful!


Hi! I am always glad to get mail from you and I don't delete it until I've at least read it! Glad you had a pointer to your blog.

I hope to visit again someday. I'm still sorting through the yummy fabrics I got from my last visit!

Take care,

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