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January 01, 2007



Oh, oh, oh I LOVE Patience the Elf!!! I have a thing for elves and she is just ADORABLE!! :D Just found your blog, BTW. So glad I did!


Meghan, thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, you must share more pictures of your Rabbits Prefer Chocolate blocks, please! I'm not needleturning - I'm not good at that. I'm using a freezer paper applique method - works much better for me. But I'm hand sewing as I love handwork - I'm not interested, at this time, in machine applique. I'll be back to visit your blog on a very regular basis.


Meghan, so nice to visit your blog. Your online shop is my FAVORITE place. I would buy something every day, but that doesn't go over so well with the husband! I"m so glad Patti mentioned your blog - I'll be back to visit!

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