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February 10, 2007



oh my gooshness! i was reading Meshell's blog and just HAD to compliment you on the BEAUTIFUL microscope slide pendant you made her! i have never been that enthused by slide pendants, but the little log cabin pattern and the colours were just beautiful! you really should consider making them to sell (if you have time).

(and aside, meshell has completely convinced me to buy some of your fabrics as soon as my no-more-fabric ban is lifted (when my bank balance recovers from my local fabric store closing-down clearance)).


ha! i had some sally jesse raphael glasses when i was in middle school! we didn't have much money to replace the one's i broke so we had to go to a REALLY budget optical. there was nothing in our price range except for aviator glasses and sally jesse glasses. i tried to be cute until i got him and my sister busted out laughing!!

ooh! sale!! i'll be there! have to build my stash up for kuwait!

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