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February 01, 2007



Have fun with your buttons! I've looked all over my town for old buttons with no luck. I just received my second order from you and it has been the best part of this sleeting/rainy day. Thank you so much!!


Hey buttons crank. I totally collect them myself. Got to pick them up at historic towns. op shops or craft shops you can get glass ceramic picture ones.


Meghan, I completely understand the mom/daughter dynamics where batiks are concerned! I think they're some of the most beautiful fabrics out there, but my mom hates them. When my brother was getting married, Mom and I decided to collaborate on a wedding quilt. My new sis-in-law (named Meghan, ironically!) loves red, so Mom and I split up in Zook's to pull out our fabric choices. I came back with an armful of batiks and marbled fabrics in bright reds and burgundies...Mom returned with a stack of very traditional fabrics in burgundies and pinks. The final "compromise" involved the fabrics I chose with the handquilting done by Mom in a pattern of her choice...and she still hates the fabrics! :)

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