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February 13, 2007



I had no idea you had to order Christmas fabrics so far in advance of the season! I am pre-positioning myself for next Christmas by making quilts now out of all of the Christmas fabrics in my stash. By next Christmas, I will have exhausted all my existing Christmas fabrics and I will be able to buy some of those new fabrics you have already seen!

Amy Ragland

How cool is that?? I'm a sucker for holiday fabric.


I knew you had to think ahead, but didn't realize it was THIS far ahead! Anything Moda is hard to resist . . . .


I agree - Yeah for Fabric! And Presents! And Moda!


I'm in Minnesota and we could use more snow...send it this way. Have a fun snow-day-off!

Patti Chartrand

I can't imagine trying to shop carefully when confronted with the Moda catalogues. Their fabric is just the nicest and most beautiful out there IMHO. I know a large percentage of my fabric money has gone for Moda's the last few years. I went nuts for the Mistletoe Manor you had last year. Can hardly wait to see what's available this year!

Richelle Robinson

Isn't Moda the best! I just love their fabrics. I wish I was going to be having a snow day. I remember when I went to Linden Hall in Lititz and it would snow. Even at boarding school we would have snow days - just played in the snow! Have fun with your snow:*)


I wish we would get some snow down south. Just rain.. and more rain.. and how about that? It's raining right now! hehe.. I bet it is like heaven looking at all the new moda fabrics for the year. :)


Oh. My. Goodness! LOL I love Christmas too, but I need a couple of warm months in there. :P And oh my Moda does make it impossible to resist spending---they just keep coming out with the most beautiful fabrics!! I've never won anything in my life, but here's my comment! ROFL

Becky (Ambrosia Couture)

Moda has really stepped it up with their new lines! I can't believe the Christmas fabrics are already ordered! That's exciting! Thanks again for the peak into your fabric world!


It's so hard for me to even imagine snow! Where I live it's presently 35-40 deg CELSIUS every day! (I think that's like 100 - 110 ish) On a bad day it hits 45 deg.


I'm addicted to holiday fabric! Please tell me there are some adorable snowmen in this year's collections. I really enjoyed Let It Snow by Clothworks last year. You're so lucky to get to see some of the fabric in person so early, I've resorted to checking the manufacturer sites to get a sneek peak.


That's amazing that Xmas fabric is ordered so far in advance! Hope you have perfect snow :-)

Kathy Retherford

I live in Lititz & it's snowing here, too, but I'm afraid I'll have to go to work tomorrow! Looks real christmasy, tho'.Great day for christmas fabric!


Love your store so had to add your blog to my list. Haven't been reading long but you post a picture of a fabric and I am off to the store...easy sale! Now to use my last purchases.


I'm always in the mood for Xmas too. At least you carry a whole line of fabrics and not just two or three prints w/0 any buddies! We're having a snowstorm too...more online shopping! Debbie

Karen Hallman

Hi Meghan,
It's snowing here too. We really don't need the snow since Ontario was dumped on last week. All the roads were finally opened on the weekend. We have huge snowplows but they are taken off the roads if the visibility is poor and the driving conditions are not safe. At least we were spared the amounts received in NW New York state. But all this snow makes wonderful quilting weather and time to drool over the fabrics that are posted here.
I think the Dick and Jane fabrics are so cool. They take me back to the first days of school. They are so real! I just had to have some!!! Thanks for having them available. I just love any kind of beautiful fabric so it is neat to have the chance to win some Moda charms.

Karrie Winters

Hi! Talk about snow!! I am in Northern Illinois and we are getting dumped on!! I liked it better in early december when we had unusually 60 degree weather! But on the brighter side, more time to quilt!! I just stumbled across the store and how wonderful it is. Such an awesome selection of everyting and Moda is my fav!!!! I LOVE Moda and would love a chance to get more charm packs!! Your blog is awesome!!!!

Linda Hoch

Started a new job yesterday and got a 1/2 snow day today ~ may be off tomorrow, too!! Not bad "benefits" huh?? PLUS, we have next Monday off (President's Day). Should have gone to work at this company sooner!! LOL I had the luxury of having the last four months off of work (downsized) and used a lot of that time to quilt and play with my fabric, much of which I got from you!! Can there be anything better than a day with fabric? Thanks for your blog ... it's one of the few I check daily! Keep it up!!

Amy Johnson

Moda must have marketing geniuses on staff. How can I walk away from their displays when they have tailored it precisely to ME? Their kit presentations are especially hard to resist!
Love your site and blog, and will be back for more!


we just got snow here in texas, too. please help me feel better with a charm pack. hehe. ;)

Deborah Brown

Up here in Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario we are sharing your blast of winter. I'm having a snow day today and the best thing about that is that I get to quilt. Yay for snow days! Keep warm!


I am just a beginning quilter, and I can already see out of all the "nice" fabric out there, Moda's line of fabric definitely is eye catching!

Barbara Benitez

I'm jealous, I wish I had a snow day today. I am working on a quilt from the Freshcut series of fabric and my fingers are itching to finish.


I hope that next years Christmas fabrics have more of the forest green, burgundy and golds that I love so much. There was just not much selection in those colors this year.

I totally agree with your comment about people not knowing how to drive in a storm. We don't get sleet here in Phoenix, but when we get rain people are the same way.

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