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February 16, 2007


Karrie Winters

Congratulations G. Hesko!!! You are a very lucky girl!! Now, what are you going to do with all those Moda Charms?? Hmmmmmmm!! have fun!
Karrie =)

Wende Gennardo

I sure was lucky to find your blog pages. Very interesting. I loved the purse...Good job.

Perry Dauzat

Enjoyed your blog. I love the purse you made and would really like to win it! So, here is my comment.

Jean Shar

Hi There, I can't believe I found a web site for your store ! I live in York and shop in the store all the time. When I had a friend visit from Toronto,Canada your store had to be the first stop. Upon entering the atmosphere is so cozy and friendly. I can spend a whole Saturday morning going through all the fabric etc. that you carry. Not a hard thing to do as I am a beginner quilter and it takes me a little time to decide what colors I want to finally end up with. One Saturday morning while I was in you had some customers from New Jersey shopping also. I had the last of a panel from on the table and one of the ladies was looking for something just like it.I decided to give it to her and she was just so greatful. She and her friend and I ended up talking across your markdown table for about an hour. We traded tips and ideas. Most enjoyable and enlightening. We now keep in touch through snail mail because she does not have a computer.
What a wonderful way to spend some time.Also, quilters are in a class all their own. I am thrilled to have found your web site. Now I can enjoy whats happening at the store even when I am not there. We have some very nice quilt stores here in York, but when I need to shop..... Sauders is always my first stop. Besides the drive is nice and certainly worth the gas.
Take care. I really enjoyed reading you blog.
My Very Best,
Jean Shar

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