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February 15, 2007


Rebekah Kaberry

G'day from an Aussie living in New Zealand. I just LOVE reading your blog! I join you in efforts to start a cleaning schedule. Since becoming a stay at home mum with my 2 month old son, I have been determined to get organised, but to no avail. I figured if I just fully cleaned one room a day and do a general tidy, I would be done by the end of the week (we only live in a two bedroom unit). That doesn't sound too hard, but has it worked! NO! We shall keep trying! Looking forward to seeing all the new Christmas fabrics make their way onto the site. I'm planning to start my Christmas projects early this year, and I'm sure they'll take precedence over the cleaning! Keep up the awesome blog, I love it!! --- Rebekah


Don't worry! I don't get about 40% of my comment emails either so it isn't just you =) I feel TERRIBLE when I come across one that had a question in it or something that I hadn't received...at Christmas time I left a whole group of commenters in a lurch after posting the wrong recipe link for some cookies and totally missed it! =P

And I want a snow day! Reckon I could conjure one up here? =P Nah.


What a great hubby you have, 4 chocolates! He must have been thinking for the long run for you. =P Like my husband says about love, "My best for your best." I guess that could mean less chocolates during Vdays. =D

Deanna B.

You are so very interesting! I just enjoyed reading all about your projects and love the purse you made............and I would love even more to win it!!!

Thanks for being an inspiration to this quilter!

 Jan D.

This is my first news letter from you.I looked through you sight on the Fab Shop Hop.I really like your sight so I signed up.I will be using it from now on.Your purse is very cute I like it a lot. I just made my first purse a few weeks ago. I would love to make yours.

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