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February 18, 2007



I know the feeling - trying to do the same thing myself and it takes a long time because they are not JUNK they are TREASURES. I am not making much headway either.
Ok - having said that - why not just get an accordian file and put the papers in there for now? Saw some great ones at Michaels yesterday (see - organizing leads to pretty new TREASURES).
Then - SOMEDAY when you have TIME you can go thru them again. If you catagorized them as you tore (something I never remember to do), you can file that way right now since an accordian file has all those need dividers.
Otherwise - leave it in the car to sort when you get stuck at the doctors office or in a traffic jam.


What about slipping them into those see-through pages protector things or into a couple of cheap display folders? As Kathy suggested you could sort them into vague categories, and just shove a wad of each category into each page protector (which you could label) to use later. It's tough eh, after such dedication collecting all these pretty things, trying to throw them out is a battle. :-)

Connie Stewart

First of all, there's nothing wrong with you. As any quilter, crafter or do it yourselfer will tell you, there are always going to be pictures of projects or something that we think we can't get rid of. Wait about a week then go through your stack of stuff again and I bet there will be at least half you'll decide wasn't that important to keep. Then move on to the folders like the other ladies have mentioned.
As for the magazines, donate them to anyplace that has a waiting room especially physical therapy and doctors offices.
Good luck,
Connie Stewart

patty skypants

I have been doing the same since I was a child, but I have never gotten as far as you. Look at the sketchbook you have created! It's GORGEOUS! Seems to me people ought to be publishing such things . . . I know I could sit and look at pretty pictures for hours; it's almost as entertaining as just sitting in the garden and watching nature take place. I can tell you this: if you put the pictures in an accordian file, they will sit there for long periods of time, perhaps forever. The transparent page protecters are a very good idea, but I like how you are arranging them in the sketchbook. It is so much more meaningful and personal. You are creating an heirloom! Perhaps set aside a half-hour a week for the rest of the year to work on it. I find that sort of activity very relaxing . . . a meditation, if you will. Sunday morning is a good time for meditation.

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