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April 08, 2007



Hehehe, glad you like =P And I'm very glad that you have been able to know the joy of Cadbury Creme Eggs already! I wonder if they will taste any different?

I thought you said your cake attempts were messy!? They look absolutely FABULOUS to me! I have always wanted to make petite fours with that fondant stuff too but it seems to scary =)

I would absolutely love to see some shots of the B&M store if you get the chance in all the crazy! That would be amazing...and seriously, I think that is one of the most beautiful quilts I have seen, it's absolutely gorgeous and I of course, LOVE, love, love the colours (and all the great blocks!). It was wonderful seeing the quilting too.

Hope you're having a great day! =) xx


Your tiny cakes are adorable--absolutely too pretty to eat.

And I really like the way your quilt turned out! It is really pretty. I always wish there was a way to feel the quilts through cyberspace....there is just something about touching one.

Well, my children have come and gone today...we cleared off the table and put stuff away but now I have a pile of dishes waiting to be washed....

Hope your day has been good!


Wow Meghan, your little fondant cakes are amazing - very professional!


oh my gosh! the quilt looks amazing!! i got all teary when i saw the picture!! if you don't mind i'm going to borrow your picture to put on the QFTK blog and mine too...i'll link to you so it doesn't look like i'm stealing!! thanks again so much! it's just beautiful!


The quilt is even prettier than I imagined it would be. Thank you sooooo much Meghan for all your hard work, and please pass on my thanks to those who helped quilt it.
Your tiny cake is adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing more.


I can decorate cakes but never thought to make cupcakes like that! What an adorable idea! Love the quilt too!

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