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May 24, 2007



I'm so sorry about your mixer - but.... the mixers, that picture is way too funny!


Oh - my - goodness - me !!!!
Meghan, you are a legend, I never knew this could be done to mixer beaters, how hilarious! :-)


I like the way you work Meghan...LOL =P And my vote is for of course, pink kitchen appliance!

Becky/Ambrosia Couture

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Are you sure that spoon feel in by accident, huh?

I just got a kitchenaid, and it's so much fun! Although the amount of cookied, muffins, and banana bread in my house is perilous to my hips (and belly, and butt).

I vote pink :)



Not to spoil your fun, but can't you just get new beaters?


Don't feel bad I once broke the huge dish washer in the school cafeteria where I worked. I accidently dropped a fork in it It made a horrible noise and stopped working. Everyone came running to see if I was alright then they started laughing. A repairman had to be called to fix it while three workers had to wash dishes by hand.I was one of them.

Jean Zeiler

Your CAT REALLY LOOKS THREATENING. On the other hand, my cat, Raven (after the Baltimore, Md. Ravens) is interested in using my stash. I walked into my sewing room one morning to get busy on a long overdue project for someone and as I was sewing, going along like a NASCAR racer, a dark black thing comes head and two front paw into my machine front the back side, with her feet, one on each side of the presser foot. First reaction, not good, later that night, I could laugh about it. She loves sewing with me (her grandmother) LOL

Andrea Armbrust

Hey Meghan,

I personally think that it's neat that you are spinning. Who taught you? I've thought of it and even looked at some spindles.
My goal is to get a big quilt frame.There goes the living room.

Andrea A

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