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August 16, 2007



Oh I love all your little vitage sewing things! Your right - they were fun pictures to post with your ranting and raving! :) A beautiful mix!


Woah, Meghan, you rock! Justifying your thought processes to the ADA and having the courage to stand alone with your verdict shows incredible fortitude if you ask me. Sounds like you've had quite an experience!

And on the knitting front, this is a brilliant website - http://www.knittinghelp.com/
There are terrific "how to" videos and free patterns too - well worth a visit.


Try www.knittinghelp.com they have some great free videos.

Jenn Heasley

I just had to commend you on standing your ground. I too had my first jury duty experience earlier this year. It's amazing how confused people are when the defense spends little or no time explaining why they are innocent. Everyone has heard the phrase innocent until proven guilty, but I honestly think most people don't comprehend the meaning at all!
I hope you feel better soon.


So glad to see your glorious handspun knit up!

Lots of free patterns here http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/index.php

And my favorite place for all things knitting http://www.knitty.com

JoAnne P

Good for you at jury duty, Meghan! Your treasures are always so much fun to see. I sure hope you can find some downtime so you can concentrate on getting over your bug. Get well soon!


Soory your jury duty experience was so rough, but I'm glad you got through it in one piece!

So, how many hat patterns would you like? :-) Here's a whole grunch of free ones (including patterns for lots of other things): http://cache.lionbrand.com/content-knittingPatternIndex.html?d=Adult. And if you click on the Knitting Patterns link on the left, you can find free patterns for children, infants, the home, pets, sports... You may have to do some adjustments in order to use your own yarn instead of the company's yarn that's recommended for the pattern, but it's doable. I used the patterns for the infant cardigan, booties, and hat from the front page, and by using thinner yarn and larger needles, I used a pattern for 3-6 month size and got items in 0-3 months size (perfect for my little girl due in November)--and I'm a pretty inexperienced knitter.

At the bottom of any page with a pattern on it, there's a link to knitting instructions as well. You can then click on whichever knitting technique you need help with (the binding off instructions are very well done :-) ).

Patty Skypants

Can't believe they chose you for jury duty! In any case, you sound like me and that's why I never get chosen. Prosecutors don't want to work hard so they pick people who can't fill out forms or pronounce words correctly. A little flash goes a long way therewith!

As for casting off "correctly," if the stitches don't unravel it's been done right. There are many styles of knitting, and each one is "correct."

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