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September 01, 2007



When you get that wedding tree pattern worked out, I surely want to know....*S*


bribery works for me!!!
your bad blogging is all forgiven :-)
sarah xx


Missed your blogs! I'm so happy the shop has been busy though. Tell Bob I would love to win his fabric s'il vous plait.


Hey - I'm good with bribery! Thanks for using Paypal - that way I can use the money I make on e-bay and my husband never has to know about it. Ha!!


Relax - you don't have to worry about writing directions for that tree. I can't imagine a beginner starting with a design like that, and directions aren't necessary for an experienced appliquér. (Is that a word?) There are many books available with instructions for applique. I'd say half the books and patterns printed today don't include basic appliqué instructions. Just include templates for each piece, plus a to-scale layout diagram (I HATE it when I have to enlarge a design) and you'll be all set. It's a marvelous design, by the way!

Even though my new sewing room shelves are now bursting and overflowing with fabric - and I swore off buying for awhile - I just had to have a piece of every one of the Fall Back in Time fabrics. They arrived yesterday and are every bit as wonderful as I knew they would be! I can sure tell you folks are totally overworked - no neat folding of the fabric or tying with a fabric strip. I always wondered how you had time to do that. Not a problem - I tossed them directly into the basket by the washer without even bringing them into the house. I can hardly wait to get them prewashed and into a quilt!


I want to know if your weather is beginning to cool off. Down here in L.A. (Lower Alabama), summer weather lasts until October or so. While that may sound nice to some, summer weather actually starts in mid April!

patty skypants

Buddha is my Persian-Himalayan "owner" who also has his own stash of fabrics (actually, everything in this house is his) and loves to help me arrange my quilt blocks as long as I keep the Fancy Feast well-stocked! He says he is ready for a new challenge, so send the fabrics to him and he will use them purr-fectly.


I love your blog. I live in NC, originally from Pa.. My mother and I used to shop at Sauders Fabrics years ago. A friend from Pa. gave me your web site last year. I love the material I ordered from you. Quality stuff. Your blog is great. Lots of people feel the same way you do about jury duty. You hit the nail on the head so to speak.
I'd like to have Bob plus his fabric.

JoAnne P

Emily's descriptive paragraphs are incredible! You must be so happy that she climbed aboard.

Kathy S

I would love to win Bob's fabric. I also love your wedding tree. Is there a pattern available for it?

Anne in CO

Missed your blog & sorry you have been so busy, but that is a good thing if job related. Don't think I could manage your wonderful tree but loved the elephant as I could handle that simplicity. Is this a pattern you are making? Would like to purchase if possible. Bob looks so happy with his charm packets, so please don't move him. The outreach of his paw is precious. Does he need more charms?? Thank you for the great descriptions with the fabric, so useful when buying on the web. Thanks Emily.

Mary Snyder

Your Bob looks like our Pepper from years ago. Unfortunately he ran away when we moved to another house. Keep guard on those fabrics, Bob.

Sue H.

I love your blogs and your fabric. I also don't mind being bribed so go ahead. I also agree with you on doing the same thing twice. Can't do it-I get incredibly bored.


Hey! Nice blog! Clear photos! Good humor! (This is my first visit.) I need another cup of coffee! (What IS it with cats and fabric, anyway? Don't all cats jump on a quilt top when it is spread out on the floor?)


Love the wedding tree. You are probably right about the skill level for the pattern. I think you do need some basic directions though. Hey, How bout Em? didn't you say she is an excellent writer? Good luck, Cory


Hi Bob: My cat must sit on every new quilt, once it is finished. Funny how they know!


Great blog! As for the directions, I can tell you how I tackle writing something I'm not particularly in the mood to write. First, write down each step in the simplest possible language. Example: 1) Choose fabric. 2) Cut fabric. 3) Applique. 4) Quilt.
Then add in any smaller steps that are part of each major step. After that work on giving more info about each step. It'll be done before you know it. Love your fabrics and your customer service - it's tops!

Barb (In York, PA)

Love the blog...not a pet owner at the present, but now have "grandcats and granddogs" as well as grandboys and soon-to-be grandbabies. Sure could use some "new" stash, as my supply is getting tapped pretty hard lateley!

Have not ordered online, as I have been able to "travel" over the river to see hands-on selection!

Yvonne Kleinhans

I love the look on Bob's face. At my house it is Muffy. She guards the fabric, steals the thread and loves to pull pins out of things that I am working on. I am sure she would love to take care of some of Bob's fabric too.


I usually don't like blogs, but yours is great, I feel like I am talking to a friend and sharing everday happenings, thanks Becky

julie in Toronto

let us know when your patern is published. I like the look of it! blog when you can!


Your website is the best! My sister and I order mega amounts of fabric from you because you have the most up-to-date, beautiful lines of fabric available on the market. Your service is prompt and the website has very few glitches. More frequent blogging would be appreciated but I surely understand the business of life. Thanks for your service.

kathie holland

glad to hear the news about the website from someone who has had her cc info stolen twice.
not fun to go thru....so I can totally relate Carol...good luck
Bob is just too cute, love the way he is protecting the fabric!
But I bet he would be happy to send it to me :)

Mary Lou Harrier

I especially look forward to your newsletters. September 2006 I visited my brother in Harrisburg. So of course, since you were having a mammoth sale, I had to visit your shop on South Muddy Creek. I really enjoyed that and spent a lot of money there!!! Can't make the sale this year, but next year??? I SURE HOPE SO!!! I AM SAVING FOR IT!!! Now that I have found your blog I will be reading that also. Wouldn't mind winning some of Bob's fabric. May have to hide it from Sheba, my Siamese!!!

Mary Lou in Michigan


One of my dogs has a preference for alpaca--chewing it to pieces, that is!

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