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September 01, 2007



I like the elephant quilt block. Should be a great quilt when it is finished.


Who invented the idea of bad blogging anyways... I don't think there are rules! :)

BTW-your store is my favorite!


So glad you are back to blogging. I really enjoy your posts. The elephant & wedding tree are looking good!

Jo Anne

Hi, Meghan. Nice to have you back.

Frances Dewar

Thank you for sending my fabric order so promptly. I really enjoyed getting a parcel from America! I found something out, though, which might interest other UK customers. Because my order cost over 18GBP or about 35 dollars, I had to pay £8/$16 dollars postal charge plus £3.60 VAT (sales tax) So, when I order from you again I will order smaller quantities each time keeping the cost below $35 to avoid this. I could be wrong so maybe other UK customers will advise me. I really enjoy your blog, Meghan and I was so intrigued by your address I 'Google-Earthed'it to see if it really was a Muddy Creek! It looks good to me and I'd love to visit. Maybe one day.

susan fantozzi

Free fabric? How can you go wrong?

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