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September 28, 2007



Okay Em! I get the hint! I will TRY to squeeze some blogging into my life - soon. Really - I SWEAR!
I don't know why Typepad does those weird things with spacing and stuff. It is always such a mess for me! I can't get it to edit out, either. Such a pain in the neck, and it looks SO BAD! I find it to be terribly frustrating that my posts, that I spend so much time working on, end up looking so awful.
Thanks for the kick in the rear, em!


My impression of accountants have been changed. =) Thank you for making the Z&S website very user friendly. I am always anxious and glad to receive my fabrics tied with the perfect bow every time. Thanks!

G Hesko

That was too funny...and you are not boring and i am glad to know that Meghan is alive and well...happy knitting/sewing/and adding numbers!


Who won beautiful Bob's beautiful fabric?


Yay! A new post. You two are quite a pair and such an interesting read. Thanks for sharing yourself with us Emily. Look forward to more. Perhaps Meghan can share her Typepad space for the space in your Sewing Room. :)


LOL that has to be the longest blog I have ever read that wasn't peppered with photos !! I think that you are way too good at blogging to stop there, maybe do alternate posts???
oh, and Kathy?, it was me who won, sorry!!!
Sarah xx


I love the Z&S website!! I'm an accountant too so I know Emily isn't boring :)

JoAnne P

Thanks for posting, Emily. Lucky Sarah's rotation strategy sounds like a plan - both of you are so entertaining!!


Very fun post Emily! And I love your name! I have a daughter with the name Emily!


Fantastic site, I love it, and its always a pleasure to receive those packages in the post. I'm trying to see how quick I can get one to the UK without clearing customs ;-) I add the fabric bows,(pressed) to my strip stash.

Loved the blogg - its a great read.


come on Meaghan........get a new post up...........I know you would be busy with all the wonderful sales you have had and the Aussie/US $$ exchange rate is fantastic for us to buy....I even brought some on one of your great sales....
...BUT it would be great to hear from you again..........


Meghan - you were wondering how long it takes for orders to get to the UK. Well, I ordered early in the morning here (thats some unGodly hour of the night still at your end) and I was pleased to see that it was processed and shipped the same day. That meant I received my package exactly 7 days later. Thanks :-) I have to say they don't all work out like that but its not much more than a week. With the £/$ rate so good, its rude not to really!

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